Learning+ English Proficiency Tests Quarterly Assessments 4

LEARNING PLUS PROFICIENCY TESTS ENGLISH CA & SA series equips students with the necessary practice in dealing with the major components of the English paper.

Learning Objective:
• To equip students with essential practice before the examinations.

Key Features:
• 8 Trial Test Papers provide students with the additional practice they need before important tests and examinations
throughout the year;
• Each trial test paper is divided into the following:
Booklet A – This is made up of multiple-choice questions. Its components are grammar, vocabulary, vocabulary cloze
and visual text comprehension;
Booklet B – This is made up of fill in the blanks and open-ended questions. Its components are grammar, cloze editing for spelling and grammar, comprehension cloze, synthesis and transformation and comprehension open-ended;
• The contents of each book are Interdisciplinary: They are carefully selected to cover a wide range of interesting subjects, ideas and facts, all of which are relevant to the current teaching and learning processes;
• Answers to all trial tests are provided.

Unique Selling Advantages (USAs):
• Grammar Focus in each trial test paper allows students to practice specific grammar items while keeping to the examination;
• Perfect Resource for rigorous practice before important examinations;
• Enhanced Learning extends learning by providing extra practice on. Important grammar and vocabulary items;
• Receive Free and Full Access to any one YooBook of Your Choice.

Pages: 286
Publisher: Singapore Asia Publishers
13 ISBN: 9789813214972