Introducing Edvocard®

Collectible cards designed for educational purposes, suitable for a range of settings including classrooms and various physical activities, indoor pursuits, and more. These cards serve as a means to acknowledge, commend, inspire, and stimulate students, offering a versatile tool for positive reinforcement and motivation.

Classroom Learning

  • Reward students for achieving academic milestones, completing assignments, and actively participating in class discussions.
  • Recognize students who consistently demonstrate critical thinking, creativity, and problem-solving skills.

Outdoor Activities

  • Issue Edvocard® rewards for participating in outdoor activities like cycling, swimming, and nature exploration.
  • Encourage students to embrace a healthy and active lifestyle through rewards for physical achievements.

Indoor Activities

  • Recognize students’ dedication to indoor activities such as martial arts, parkour, dance, or yoga.
  • Use Edvocard® to acknowledge progress, skill development, and commitment to personal growth.

Subject-Specific Achievements

Customize Edvocard® rewards to align with specific subjects, recognizing excellence in subjects like math, science, language arts, and more.

Dynamic rewards system

Through the integration of Edvocard® across a diverse range of educational and extracurricular scenarios, educators can successfully ignite inspiration and encourage students to achieve, discover, and enrich their learning voyage in a constructive manner. The collectible nature introduces a sense of enthusiasm and accomplishment, amplifying the significance of the rewards.