White-label e-learning platform

Elevate online learning with your branded platform: ChatGPT integration, Stripe payments, secure content, gamification, and interactive quizzes for an engaging experience.

Stable, flexible and INTERACTIVE!

A stable, flexible, and interactive e-learning platform ensures reliable access, adapts to various teaching styles and content, and engages learners with dynamic activities, fostering a more effective and enjoyable learning experience.


A white-label e-learning platform offers customization with your branding, quick market entry, cost efficiency, scalability, and the ability to integrate advanced features and analytics for a personalized and effective e-learning experience.

Supports interactive quizzes

Interactive quizzes like crosswords, drag and drop, and flashcards enhance engagement, improve memory retention, offer instant feedback, cater to diverse learning styles, and make the learning process fun and dynamic.

ChatGPT and Stripe Integration

Integrating ChatGPT offers personalized learning and immediate assistance, and Stripe’s payment gateway enables secure, easy transactions, enhancing user convenience and trust in e-commerce for educational services and courses.

E-learning Platform

with your own branding/label

$980 $ 800
per site
  • Monthly fee from $50/month
  • Preventive measures to protect your materials.
  • Integration of ChatGPT
  • Stripe payment gateway
  • Gamification with experience points and badges
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