Learning through play with edvocard®

Edvocado’s flagship product, designed as an innovative and versatile card game aimed at enhancing the educational experience. It uniquely blends learning with play, making education both engaging and effective.

"The evidence keeps mounting that play is the best way for children to learn – and thrive"
The Lego Foundation

More than academic

Students are not only motivated to enjoy academic learning but are also encouraged in terms of behavior, responsibility, and character development.


Emphasize respectful, responsible, and cooperative behavior, fostering a positive and safe atmosphere for learning.


Encourage students to complete assignments, excel in academics, and actively participate in class discussions.


Encourage students to be punctual, maintain orderly spaces, and meet deadlines, fostering a responsible and efficient classroom environment.

Character Develpoment

Emphasize the importance of moral and ethical growth, encouraging students to become caring and responsible individuals.

Rewarding, versatile and FUN!

While students acquire Edvocard® through various means, it can be customised with different knowledge and purposes.



Interesting fact


Build positive bond with children

Play is a powerful tool for fostering positive teacher-child relationships because it creates a relaxed and enjoyable environment where teachers can connect with their students on a personal level.

A positive relationship with children is extremely important in the educational process. Such relationships have a significant impact on students’ academic, social, and emotional development.

Learning through play with Edvocard®

Collectible cards designed for educational purposes, with more than 500 unique designs, exclusively tailored for educational objectives.

Students can collect edvocard® by achieving academic milestones, completing assignments, actively participating in class discussions, helping friends, positive attitude, good effort and many more.

Equal rewarding opportunity for every child

Every students can earn edvocard® in different ways including participating in class, completion of assignment, positive attitude, helpful behavior and many more. 

They can also exchange edvocard® for the items or gifts they like. 

Students are loving it!

"They had fun trying to collect a set."
Kawai Music School
"Reward cards are well received."
BlueTree Education
"Garnered a lot of attention recently.
"The students are excited."
Lil' but Mighty

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