Enhancing education with fun and joy

Edvocado is an innovative platform that integrates gamification and reward systems into education to enhance student engagement and motivation. By allowing students to earn points and rewards through various activities and assessments, the platform can effectively infuse fun and joy into the learning process.

Create personalised rewards

Customized and personalized rewards, issued both electronically and physically, can greatly enhance the interaction, engagement, and motivation of students. This approach can make the learning experience more enjoyable, memorable, and meaningful.

Suitable for a range of settings

Including classrooms and various physical activities, indoor pursuits, and more. These cards serve as a means to acknowledge, commend, inspire, and stimulate students, offering a versatile tool for positive reinforcement and motivation.

Gamify offline education

Students have the opportunity to accumulate points and receive rewards through activities such as completing homework, working on class worksheets, and engaging with assessment books, among other tasks.

Single student account, multiple rewards

With edvocado, students can earn points and rewards in many ways such as outdoor activities, participating in class, being punctual, complete homework, learn new skills and many more.

Introducing Edvocard®

Collectible cards designed for educational purposes, suitable for a range of settings including classrooms and various physical activities, indoor pursuits, and more. Encompassing over 100 unique designs, exclusively tailored for educational objectives.

Nationwide Santa Hunt 2023

09 – 23 December

Gamified Assessments

Through gamified assessments, students can acquire points and rewards as they complete their assessments. Additionally, they can explore their strengths and weaknesses in specific topics, enhancing their learning experience.