Introducing edvocard®

An interactive card game created for education and is suitable for a range of settings including classrooms and various physical activities, indoor pursuits, and more. These cards serve as a means to acknowledge, commend, inspire, and stimulate students, offering a versatile tool for encouragement and motivation.

Rewarding, Educational and FUN!

Our interactive card game makes learning an enjoyable journey, blending educational content with playful excitement. Each card rewards achievement and enriches knowledge across a variety of subjects, ensuring that every learning experience is both engaging and fun. Perfect for keeping students motivated and eager to discover more!

Encouragement and motivation

Inspire and uplift with cards that champion positivity and perseverance! Each card features encouraging words and motivational challenges designed to boost confidence and engage students, making every learning moment rewarding and enjoyable.


Boost English skills with cards full of tips, tricks, and guides! From crafting perfect sentences to mastering spellings, these cards make learning fun and serve as great study aids.


Unlock the secrets of math with clever tips and tricks! These cards make learning numbers fun and offer handy guides for easy revision, helping students become math whizzes.


Explore the magic of science! Each card is packed with cool tips, fun experiments, and curious facts that make learning about the nature and science exciting and useful for review.


Dive into the Chinese language with easy-to-follow tips and engaging tricks. These cards simplify learning new characters and phrases, making them perfect for enjoyable learning and effective revision.

Interesting Facts

Spark curiosity with cards filled with the coolest and most surprising facts! From the mysteries of space to the wonders of the animal kingdom, these cards turn learning into an adventure, helping students discover new and exciting knowledge in a fun way.

Events and more

Dive into the spirit of special occasions with cards that celebrate and educate about events like carnivals, Christmas, and more! Each card is designed to enrich students’ understanding and enjoyment of these celebrations through fun facts, activities, and themed challenges that bring the festivities to life in your classroom.

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